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"There is no substitution for quality."

     J Bar D Ranch

               James and Deborah Rankin, Owners

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Welcome to the J Bar D Ranch!

When people think of a Texas ranch they usually envision hundreds or even thousands of acres of land dotted with cattle, horses, cactus, and cowboys. While this is certainly a reality in Texas, there are also hundreds of smaller ranching operations scattered across the state in the business of producing and marketing quality livestock and commodities - the J Bar D Ranch is such an operation in East Texas. We specialize in raising and selling quality commercial Brangus cattle in Crockett, Texas. 

We interact with every animal on a daily basis. What does this mean to you as a customer of the J Bar D Ranch? Every animal on the ranch is closely monitored; this is essential to producing healthy cattle with good dispositions.

We are "big" on commitment to our customers. We deliver on our commitment by practicing sustainable agriculture and "hands-on" ranch management; we are proactive about issues that influence the health and well-being of our cattle and the land. Our calves are born and raised on the J Bar D. We do not employ the use of growth hormones or non-therapeutic antibiotics in our cattle management program. We are committed to employing responsible practices for the management of the land and the creatures that call it home - both domestic and wild!