J Bar D Ranch

In the Rear View Mirror...

Looking back over the fourteen years since we made the decision to buy what later became the J Bar D Ranch, two things are apparent, 1) we have made mistakes and 2) all things considered there is no doubt in our minds, we made the right decision to buy the ranch. Although that old saying “What don’t kill you, makes you stronger” laughingly became our mantra at times.
Did we have experience in ranching? No. Did we let the lack of experience discourage us? No. Were we crazy? Maybe, just a little. Would things have been easier if we had had someone, a mentor, to help us in the beginning? Definitely.
And so, these stories, these articles, are written not only to document our journey from total tenderfoot to working rancher, but to help those of you who dream of leaving the city in the rear view mirror to embrace life in rural America.

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