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I have to be honest, I am not one of those women that loves to spend the majority of my day in the kitchen; I would rather be outside caring for the animals and helping my husband around the ranch. Before living and working on the ranch full-time, I held a job in the big city - nine-hour days with an hour commute to and from work. That kind of schedule didn't endear me to the idea of cooking complex meals during the work week or on the weekends.

Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician, considered by some to be the greatest physician of his time, said "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." This began to have real meaning for me after moving to ranch; I was experiencing some health issues and finding no or minimal relief through modern medicine. I spent a lot of time researching diet and health and became convinced changing my diet was a part of the answer to my problems. Turned out diet was a big factor in some of my health issues - by making changes to my diet several of the health problems I had been experiencing just disappeared.

Now, I am not going to rant about diet, only say that the word "moderation"  accompanied by common sense,  can go along way in helping us make food choices that will enhance our health. So, to that I will add - read the labels on all canned and/or processed foods you buy and choose the ones with the lesser ingredients, especially those with the 15-letter names you cannot even pronounce, much less know what they are! Grow or raise what you can, eat fresh when you can, learn to preserve the foods you grow, make an effort to cook most or all of your own meals - if you must deviate from these goals, then do so in moderation and with common sense.

Below are some recipes I am fond of - as I add these overtime to the website, I hope you will try them and send me some feedback via our e-mail - www.info@j-dranch.com .

Cowboy Caviar

Deborah's Granola

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